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Welcome to the collection of Skin Deep. What you will be getting with this product is: 12 Skins, 6 Small Towns, and new rules dealing with death; dying; and harm. 

The skins you will be getting are as follows:

The Bakeneko Awkward, counterculture, confusing, and idiosyncratic. The Bakeneko is about not fitting into the mold and not really trying to.

The Bedlam Cunning, dreamy, heroic, and novel. The Bedlam is someone more afraid of growing up to wear business casual than being eaten by a giant spider.

The Devil Devious, enthralling, giving, and dependent. The Devil is about having favors to call in at the right moment - whether they were given willingly or just owed.

The Dragon Tempting, seductive, and popular. The Dragon demands attention wherever they go - good or bad.

The Ferret Witty, playful, lively, and short-sighted. The Ferret is the party animal who has everyone's best interests at heart - right after their own of course.

The Fomorian Alienated, terrifying, powerful, and unyielding. The Fomorian knows the world isn't fair and plans to tip the balance in their favor.

The Immortal Wise, lonely, and sophomoric. The Immortal likes to think they're grown up, that they've seen it all, that they know everything. This is patently untrue.

The Leshy Noble, wild, arrogant, and unsure. The Leshy rules over a world most people overlook or take for granted daily.

The Prometheus Smart, weird, focused, and a little bit on edge. The Prometheus knows just enough to be dangerous and not enough to be safe.

The Siren Seductive, charming, spoiled, and needy. The Siren is a diva-in-training with a voice that can't be ignored.

The Tengu Wild, hard-hitting, angry, and hurt. The Tengu is that bad boy or bad girl that is so wistfully talked about.

The Veela Dramatic, haughty, sultry, and manipulative. The Veela is a wannabe TV star with enough clout to back up their views.

In addition to these twelve skins you also get the small towns that were included in Skin Deep, the Ferret, and the Tengu releases plus a special small town specifically made for this product collection that plays off the Harvey Milk school and Monster Prom.

So add some new character to your Monsterhearts collection! Make the game less deadly! Enjoy your wonderful drama with Skin Deep extras.

Update: I have added quality of play enhancements to some of the Skins and will be updating a few more soon. The Bakeneko, Dragon, Fomorian, Immortal, Prometheus, & Veela have all been updated. Look for updates to the Ferret, Leshy, & Siren soon!


Get this game and 1 more for $18.00 USD
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$12.00 $9.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BisleyPDF.pdf 37 kB
DonnersFolleyPDF.pdf 64 kB
Institute_FINAL.pdf 71 kB
SkinDeep.pdf 2 MB
The_Ferret.pdf 115 kB
The_Tengu.pdf 107 kB
The Bakeneko v2.pdf 104 kB
The Veela v2.pdf 101 kB
The Fomorian v2.pdf 107 kB
The Immortal v2.pdf 85 kB
The Prometheus v2.pdf 79 kB
The Dragon v2.pdf 94 kB


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Yay, updates!


Thanks a lot for keeping the document alive and updated ❤️