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Strong, bold, and hopelessly co-dependent. The Golem is about having a lot of potential that you wrap up in someone else’s bullshit. The kid who is eternally in the shadow of someone else because they don’t feel like they are up to the task or even as a clever shield from consequences. No matter what direction they are taken the Golem is intrinsically tied into drama.

The Golem is a Skin about being the Ron, the The Billy, the Cordelia of a group of friends. You may be important, you may be the best fighter, but you are a vizier, a secondary player behind a power. Your power just happens to be another character. 

Enjoy delving into co-dependence and the vizier/muscle role that can befall so many in high school. Discover yourself through others. See how far you can push the envelope before your relationships begin to fray. 

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorFerretheim Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsmonsterhearts, monsterhearts-2, skin, Tabletop role-playing game


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Golems are not monsters and they are not yours to write about. 


How does this playbook handle its connections to Jewishness?


I did research on Golem mythology and tried to tie certain Moves into the stories I could find and were told. While the Skin does have a monster side from the Jewish mythology I tried not to tie explicit themes of Jewishness into the Skin both because I am a gentile and I wanted people to be able to portray a Golem outside of a specific theme.